Welcome to Mordia – a world where peace and prosperity seem to have won out over war and death…

... but at what cost?

While the Men of Mordia have proven to be the kings of the world, scheduled sacrifices to the dragons that protect the cities raise a level of doubt as to whether the humans are in control or if their scaly ‘allies’ are truly the keepers of the land.

The realms of the Elves and Dwarves prosper and are increasingly growing larger after almost becoming a memory merely a few centuries ago.

The Old Magicks of Mordia has long been forgotten or discarded Other than Draconic Magika and Deific Magika, Magitech via the summoning and enslavement of demons, devils or elementals into inanimate objects is the only way to harness any level of magic.

The Sands of Memory continue to grow – slowly – in the center of the Grand Continent. Sea monsters are being spotted more frequently and are growing larger in size. A star in the Eastern skies of Hammerfall seems to be growing in size. The Dandenian Rebels from the former nation of Dandenia are reliving Nationalistic ideas and have been making strong remarks about the possibility of cessation from the Mordian Empire…

The shadows of strife are beginning to cast over the light of an empire that has seen little in the way of pain for well over 100 years…

What will become of Mordia? Only time and the strength and will of a select few will determine the path that this world will take. The power is in your hands.

The Mysteries of Mordia

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