Caliver Bennett

A bounty hunter for those in service to all of Dragonkind, dedicated to eke out fugitives of the ritual sacrifice and all who would oppose the powers Draconic

stat score mod
str 15 +x
dex 13 +x
con 12 +x
int 15 +x
wis 14 +x
cha 14 +x
Fort 5
Ref 5
Will 3

HP: 46

AC: 18 Touch: 12 FF: 16

Speed: 30 (20 w/Breastplate)

Init: x

BAB: 5

CMB: 7

CMD: 18


Whatever attack +x, crit x2, piercing/slashing, range x, dmg 1dx+x

Something attack +x1, crit x2, bludgeoning, range x, dmg 1dx

Acrobatics x
Appraise x
Bluff x
Diplomacy x
Disable Device x
Escape Artist x
Knowledge local x
Perception x2
Sleight of Hand x
Stealth x

Languages: Draconic, Elven, Low Common

1 [conditional mod 1]

2 [Conditional Mod 2]


Caliver Bennett

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